Composite (White) Fillings

An increasingly popular alternative to silver amalgam fillings is composite white fillings. Unlike Amalgam fillings, composite fillings are virtually invisible.  Dr. McGue can shade them according to your own teeth color to create a perfect match, giving you a beautiful, silver-less smile!

Benefits of Composite White Fillings

♦  Created to match your tooth to ensure a natural look and feel

♦  Because composite fillings can be created in smaller preparations, less  of your tooth structure is lost and less  drilling is needed

♦  The material is made from acrylic and glass particles, containing no mercury or other metals

♦  Provides support to remaining tooth structure, and insulates against  temperature changes

The Filling Process

♦   First, the targeted tooth is drilled to remove decay

♦   Next, a bonding agent is applied to the drilled tooth

♦   The composite material is attached and molded to your tooth structure

♦   The material is hardened by focusing intense light rays on it for about a minute

♦   The filling is now complete and you have a bright, natural-looking new tooth!

Your filling brightness can be maintained by simply practicing good oral hygiene and avoiding staining food and drinks such as coffee, soda, tea, etc. For more information on composite white fillings or to schedule an appointment, call McGue Dental Care and let us rejuvenate your smile!