Our entire office is designed, furnished, and equipped with your health and safety in mind. We utilize cutting-edge technology so your dental visits go smoothly and comfortably.

Our office takes pride in adhering to the highest possible infection control standards.  We control infection in a number of ways.

  • All instruments are regularly sterilized, and our handpieces are always sterilized between patients.
  • We use disposable supplies, such as paper bibs, paper cups, cotton rolls, gauze pads, to avoid potential infection.
  • Each dental unit uses sterilized water (not city water) and is self-contained.
  • We use protective barriers on exposed surfaces, like the handles on light fixtures and other equipment. All other surfaces are disinfected according to government standards.
  • We dispose of biodental waste and sharp instruments in safe containers. These containers are provided through a biomedical disposal company.